Water is a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, H 2 O, freezing at 32°F or 0°C and boiling at 212°F or 100°C, that in a more or less impure state constitutes rain, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.

Water is better to know as a universal solvent. Water can dissolve almost anything.

City Water or Municipal Water

City water is compounded from various appliances, fixtures, and taps is transferred to the waste and sewage. Drug products, chemicals, by-products, sex hormones, and many other dangerous chemicals and contaminants are not removed in 100% by the city water treatment plants.

Scientific studies from the best laboratories and recognized scientific researchers indicate that water contamination in city water and the high mineral concentration contained in groundwater could be very dangerous and lethal for humans. This means that every time you drink a glass of water you are contaminating your own body and the bodies of your loved ones. Therefore, a water purification like a reverse osmosis system is needed to make it clean, healthy and drinkable.


TRIHALOMETANES (THMs) which is a very strong CARCINOGENIC and TERATOGENIC by-product created when the chlorine is added into our city water.  Chemicals like fluoride and some other strong polymers cause tremendous damage to our BODY!




Well Water

A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers.


Two broad classes of the well are shallow or unconfined wells completed within the uppermost saturated aquifer at that location, and deep or confined wells, sunk through an impermeable stratum into an aquifer beneath.

Common Minerals Found in Floridian Wells


  • Strong oxidizer 

  • Makes water acidic

  • Strong dangerous odor (rotten eggs)

S + H2O = H2S  Hydrogen Sulfide

Symptoms of acute exposure ​include nausea, headaches, delirium, disturbed equilibrium, tremors, convulsions and skin, and eye irritation.

Note: Inhalation of a high concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide can produce extremely rapid unconsciousness and death.


There are different variations of iron found in water. Ferric [FE+++], water is yellow, orange or red and can't be seen at simple sight. Ferrous [Fe++], iron its completely dissolve in water and can not be identified at simple sight. 

  • Iron is a heavy metal

  • Oxidant in water

  • Rust almost anything

  • Develop red spots

  • Turns water red, orange or yellow

  • Highly contaminant  

  • Could get into the bloodstream


Iron gives water a disagreeable metallic taste. When iron combines with tea, coffee, and other beverages, it produces an inky black appearance and a rusty bad taste.