What's Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is low oxygen and rich hydrogen water which helps to reduce oxidation and free radicals in the human body. The hydrogen water ph range is between 8.0 - 9.5. Hydrogen water ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential), is a negative number indicating the oxidation potential has been reduced making the water healthier. 

We add electrolytes to the water to make it healthier and promote hydration. Our water is the best option to improve health and to support high intense sports training.


  • Powerful Antioxidant

  • Balance Human Body pH Levels

  • Promotes Better Hydration

  • Detox The Body

  • Boost The Immune System

  • Will Help You Lose Weight


Benefits of Pure Water


Drinking water helps nearly every part of the human body function. Since our bodies are almost two-thirds water, understanding water's important role in the body can be a fountain of health.


Health Benefits of Water

  • More energy

  • Perform Better

  • Lose weight

  • Reduces headaches and dizziness.

  • Helps with digestion and converting food into energy

  • Facilitates elimination of waste


Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

1. Safety – Purified drinking water contains no harmful chemicals that can pose a threat to human health.

2. No contaminants – RO water filtration systems eliminate all microbial contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Also, all pathogens are removed such as giardia, E. coli, etc.

3. Great taste – With all the impurities and contaminates removed, there is nothing left but the clean, refreshing taste of pure water.